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Twinkle of passion oil painting by L.Afremov by Leonidafremov

I can't critique this. I'm not qualified to critique it. This is more than great art... This is art that changes history and definition...

Cat People by AramisFraino

I'm not proficient enough with the technique behind your vision to comment intelligently on it, but the result is startling. I see the ...


Some Things are Better Left Undead. by Neo128
Some Things are Better Left Undead.
Don't know what I was going for when I started this but, somewhere, I lost the thread. So I just shrugged, and posted what I had. :shrug:

Friend, always treat your woman right;
Make sure that she's respected.
Pay her thoughtful attention
So she’ll never feel neglected.

Relationships are fragile machines;
One careless remark, misdirected,
Can blow it to bits, in the blink of an eye,
Leaving you all alone—and dejected.

No matter how smooth your game is,
The protocol’s never perfected,
Sound counsel urges (at all times)
You expect the unexpected.

Keep communications open,
Don’t let them get disconnected.
Remember, she is ALWAYS right,
And is NEVER to be corrected.

Deft application, and an agile mind,
Keeps your romance safe and protected,
And your girl won't be drawn to a point (of view)
Some other guy has—um—erected.

For Men Only
Last poem I'll post, for a while. I wanna get back to visual art. :woohoo:

The skintight shorts that hug her hips
Look painted on her fanny;
A snug fit that accentuates
Every nook and cranny.

Her torso's ripe endowments
Bring traffic to a stop;
Aided in large part, no doubt,
By the low-cut, see-through top.

Oddly, her outfit exposes
Far more than it conceals;
Sixty-seven voluptuous inches
Sashaying on eight-inch heels.

The strange part is what irks her;
Sorely wounds her righteous pride.
The one thing she can't stand is being
Sexually objectified.

Would you prefer a truth that made us foes,
Or be friends based on a lie?

Would you choose a fiction that made you laugh,
Or a fact that made you cry?

Could you live a life of duplicity,
Or would you rather die?

Could you bear an honorable burden
If it meant you’d never fly?

Would you choose ethics if they required
You never see the sky?

If good things came too easily,
Would you want to find out why?

Would you pose yourself these questions?
Do your standards rise that high?

Never mind, it’s just a poem,
And you have other fish to fry.


Approach him not, you common things,
Nor hopes of love evince.
No seat of fellowship is found
In the realm of the jaguar prince.

Venerate his magnificence,
Exalt his ascendant star,
Revere the very thought of him,
But do so from afar.

He holds inviolate the rites
Of devout self-adoration,
And must disdainfully dismiss
All things beneath his station.

Seek you not for answers
As to why he's built his wall,
For I know him better than anyone,
And I know him—not at all.

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  • Reading: Neuromancer
  • Watching: Killing Them Softly
  • Playing: Chess
  • Eating: Crab sticks
  • Drinking: Cherry Kool-Aid


J.R. Anderson
United States
I love art... both the process and the finished product :)

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