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Cat People by AramisFraino

I'm not proficient enough with the technique behind your vision to comment intelligently on it, but the result is startling. I see the ...

Having lately enjoyed a minor spate
Of undeserved success
I undertook a walking tour
To display my new finesse—

When I beheld an odd being walking
Upon the face of God’s green Earth,
Carrying itself with a prideful gait
As though derived of noble birth.

I, then and there, appointed myself
A warden of the public good.
And decided it best not to tolerate
Such critters in the neighborhood.

“You there!” I cried indignantly.
“What means this bold affront?
Your kind isn't wanted here,
If I may be so blunt!”

The creature stopped and regarded me
With a most unwonted eye,
And an icy chill ran through me
As the strange mouth made reply.

“Are you speaking to me?” The varmint asked.
“Don’t take my question lightly!
Many a wretch now rues the hour
They addressed me impolitely!”

I examined the creature’s girth, its claws,
Its distinctly evil pallor.
And concluded discretion was, indeed,
The better part of valor.

The aberration glared at me,
And surveyed me up and down
We won't discuss what happened next
(But I’m glad my pants were brown).

“I beg your pardon, sir.” I quailed,
Failing to disguise my terror
“I took you for someone I thought I knew.
Please forgive my foolish error.”

“Stuff and nonsense!” the thing replied.
“You clearly lack a spine!
Now be off with you, or you’ll find my foot
Where the sun is loathe to shine!”

“And a good day to you!” I offered,
Sliding backward on prudent feet.
I then tipped my hat and turned my back
And beat a swift retreat.

These days I don’t care how odd they are.
I’ve resolved to not give a damn.
And to show how much I’ve changed my ways,
I'm now dating a bearded clam.

  • Listening to: Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
  • Reading: A Darkling Sea
  • Watching: Dead Man Down
  • Playing: Hearts
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


J.R. Anderson
United States
I love art... both the process and the finished product :)

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Well thank you friend! Glad you enjoyed it!
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Sorry. I accidentally deleted the photo you commented on (I forgot some edits on that photo lol) I re-uploaded it tho - and yes.. it gives that vibes of feeling sad or maybe alone. I personally think of it as a girl who is wanting affection and waiting for someone to do that for her, lol! :P
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OK... I will check it out.
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thanks for the lama
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Thank you so much for the watch friend. It's a great honor for you to have enjoyed my work. If you ever need anything or are bored, sad, lonely, depressed, or just want to chat I encourage you to send me a note. I love meeting new people and making friends. I pray you, your family, and your friends have an amazing week full of God's Glory and wonderful new opportunities. God Bless You!
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