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Twinkle of passion by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

I can't critique this. I'm not qualified to critique it. This is more than great art... This is art that changes history and definition...

Cat People by AramisFraino

I'm not proficient enough with the technique behind your vision to comment intelligently on it, but the result is startling. I see the ...


Hendrix: A Light in the Distance. by Neo128
Hendrix: A Light in the Distance.
I've been messing with this for a while... Not exactly sure how I wanted the finished product to look... so I'm posting it "as is" for now... Either I get around to finishing it... Or not. :shrug:
I dreamt I walked as a panther;
Sinuous, black and sleek.
Content, in my dark dominion,
To leave legacies to the meek.

I imagined I soared as an eagle,
Aloft in a cold, cruel sky;
Ambivalent to all existence,
As the world, below, blurred by.

I envisioned myself an arctic wolf,
With a soul as cold as ice,
Yet, a heart made warm by the vistas
Of my polar paradise.

Then I saw myself as a serpent,
Who, on its belly, did writhe and crawl,
Devoid of compassion, pity or guilt,
And this pleased me—most of all.
“Exquisite nymph! Forgive me.
If my approach defies convention;
Your delightfully nubile aspects
Have commanded my attention.”
“May we, my darkly lovely lass,
Skip formal introduction?
I merely wish to hone my skills
In the cold art of seduction.”
“I can clearly see you’re new here;
A fresh cog in our machine
(I jump to no conclusions, dear—
Your aura smells too clean).”
“I‘ve the morals of a centaur,
And an aim as sure as death.
The witch-king cursed me a thousand times
(Not bad for a dying breath).”
“See you speak no ills of the newly dead
(A faux pas in our dark duchy;
Being dead ain’t what it used to be—
These days they're downright touchy).”
“If you wish, I’ll take you to the beach.
We’ll rent chairs and watch the slaughter
(You can’t imagine the gruesome things
That crawl out of the water).”
"We'll peruse disreputable wonders
Sure to dazzle your guileless eye.
You may earnestly state your hopes and dreams.
Later on—we'll watch them die."
“No matter, my sweet, I’ve made a list
Of all the things we’ll do.
I can assure you, with all sincerity,
I’ll enjoy them more than you.”

The Apostate’s Prayer

Oh, Father, where’s the Messenger?
I can endure not one day more.
They promised me the Messenger
Was knocking at the door.

His gentle words transfixed me,
And bore up the hearts of men.
He said I only need believe,
To be guiltless once again.

His empathy beguiled my soul.
My faith he did endow.
He swore that he’d return someday.
Oh, how I need him now.

Oh, Father, where’s the Messenger
I’ve pinned my hopes upon?
“He’s come and gone!” My Father laughed.
“He’s, long since, come and gone!”
Not untitled... but the title box won't allow apostrophes. :|
Consider the beast, serenity,
Ferocious in all her aspects;
As beneficial to peace of mind
As Spain was to the Aztecs.
Behold the demon, tranquility  
(The devil keeps her score);
Stunning in her ugliness,
As virtuous as a whore.
Have you seen the hellcat, amenity?
She, even now, gives birth
To horrors of every vile kind
That rise, and walk the Earth.
Equanimity, you termagant.
What evils do you, now?
Is there no perversion you’ll not perform?
—No sin you won’t avow?
What slanders do I speak, you cry?
Virtues termed abominations?
Ah! You’ve not sensed my psyche, friend.
Nor perceived its applications.


Approach him not, you common things,
Nor hopes of love evince.
No seat of fellowship is found
In the realm of the jaguar prince.

Venerate his magnificence,
Exalt his ascendant star,
Revere the very thought of him,
But do so from afar.

He holds inviolate the rites
Of devout self-adoration,
And must disdainfully dismiss
All things beneath his station.

Seek you not for answers
As to why he's built his wall,
For I know him better than anyone,
And I know him—not at all.

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J.R. Anderson
United States
I love art... both the process and the finished product :)

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