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First Citizen Works for Me
Frequently, folks I come across
Show resolute perseverance
In claiming to know the origin
Of my ethnic appearance.
Ersatz comrades, spying me,
Feel moved to loudly cry—
And declare me a native of everywhere!
From Guyana to Mumbai.
“Where do you hail from?” I've been asked.
“You look Panamanian, pal.”
“Yeah? Well, when you bitches—
Kickin’ the rent for my canal?”
“¡Primo! ¿Tu es Boricua?
It’s friendly to share these things."
"¿Boricua? ¡Vato! Don’t you know?
I founded the Latin Kings!"
One geezer wept. "I know your sort!
And It makes my old heart glad—
To see another friendly face
From sunny Trinidad."
These clever dicks don't bother me
—Not even for a minute;
Just confirms the theory it's my world
—And they’re just livin’ in it.
:iconneo128:Neo128 3 5
The Seeds of Conspiracy by Neo128 The Seeds of Conspiracy :iconneo128:Neo128 12 3 Bad Hair Day! by Neo128 Bad Hair Day! :iconneo128:Neo128 5 0 WW vs. FU by Neo128 WW vs. FU :iconneo128:Neo128 9 3 Wolverine in the House! by Neo128 Wolverine in the House! :iconneo128:Neo128 8 5
A Long Story Short
Driving to the beach
I try to think of something clever.
Getting there I see the old man,
Miserable as ever.
Omitting all preamble, I snarl,
“Awright, where’s he at?”
He pins me with the kind of glare
One saves for a mangy rat.
“He’s right there where he always is!
Standing on the jetty!
Screaming at the ocean,
And waving a machete!”
I hand him a hundred dollar bill—
For sullying his sphere,
As I drive away, I mutter,
“Guess I’ll try again, next year.”
:iconneo128:Neo128 0 5
Self-Indulgence :p by Neo128 Self-Indulgence :p :iconneo128:Neo128 0 0 The World Awaits... by Neo128 The World Awaits... :iconneo128:Neo128 0 2
“Well,” the interviewer says,
With a tone of clipped precision.
“You’ve made it easy for me, sir,
To come to a quick decision.”
“The position you’ve applied for—
Requires some depth of feeling;
Given the nature of the folks
With whom you would be dealing.”
“The clientele we cater to
Are desirous of compassion;
They wish to be treated gently,
And regarded in kindly fashion.”
"You, sir, from what I've seen and heard,
Are decidedly malicious.
At your most benign
You’re unambiguously vicious"
“I’ve never come across a soul
So heartless, cruel or callous,
Or a personality so replete
With unrelenting malice.”
"I suppose I could go on
But what's the point in saying more?"
Then, smiling, he extends his hand—
“Just what we’re looking for.”
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 5
I Remember the Sun was Very Young
The facile Mr. Shadow
Blithely watches time go by,
Evaluating each mordant flux
With a cold and practiced eye.
He refrains from micromanagement.
There’s never been a need—
He tracks zero sum progressions,
And is loathe to intercede.
Murky minions loiter near,
Feigning insincere respects.
They're absolved by Mr. Shadow,
Who begets what he reflects.
He's not your usual dilettante,
Chanting hymns at the converted.
He displays the raw audacity
To preach to the perverted.
He's very good at what he does.
His goals need no defending.
But, please, don't ask him what they are...
Or expect a happy ending.
:iconneo128:Neo128 5 2
Eye of the Tiger by Neo128 Eye of the Tiger :iconneo128:Neo128 15 5
The Question
Never question the life we’ve led, my love,
Or the choices we have made.
Don’t ask if the place we find ourselves
Is worth the price we paid.
Don’t worry about the path we took
Or the places we have been;
Or whether we’d do things differently
If we'd strength to try again.
The past is a faded shadow;
Never to return.
Why struggle over lessons that
It’s far too late to learn?
The question couldn’t be simpler.
It’s the answer that we fear.
It’s the question that never goes away:
Where do we go from here?
:iconneo128:Neo128 6 4
Logic Died Last Night, After a Short Illness
Connie says to him, "You're a nitwit!
A thoroughly obtuse moron!
Honest to God, you got no clue
That girl loves the ground you walk on!"
"What?" He responds, bewildered.
"I know you ain't talkin' 'bout Dee.
She's got as much use for me
As a wino for sassafras tea."
"You're problem is," She continues.
"You can never believe it's true
That anyone could come close to a love
Like the one you got for you."
"Well, you've given me much to ponder."
He says, thoughtfully scratching his head.
"I guess the first thing I oughta do is
Get dressed, and get outta your bed!"
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 6
Poor Little Poem
It’s the latest, not the greatest;
Just the last in a motley line.
Nevertheless it’s left the nest
Seeking a chance to shine.
It’s not easy trying to please
A snooty literary mob.
Should it, by chance, educe a smile,
Well—then it’s done its job.
If not, then it must languish
In the realm of the forgotten—
To wax bitterly resentful,
And grow up mean and rotten.
And so, a little poem’s dreams
You will have cruelly maimed.
There, I hope you’re satisfied.
Now—aren't you ashamed?
:iconneo128:Neo128 1 3
For Neda
In memory of, and tribute to, Neda Agha-Soltan, a twenty-six year old woman who was gunned down, in the street, by members of the Iranian government security force, June 6th, 2009, as she participated in a demonstration protesting the fraudulent election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Her name will shine long after the savages who murdered her have been eagerly expunged, and gratefully forgotten.
Hypocrisy strives to see faith depraved
To rationalize a world enslaved,
But a nation's now as good as saved
By the road to dawn your bright light paved.
You are the wind, the cleansing breeze;
The purity that expels disease.
The lice are squirming, ill-at-ease,
Their stench receding by sure degrees.
It comforts vermin to think you dead.
What died was the fear on which they fed.
Throughout the land, for which you bled,
Your valorous spirit will only spread.
Rodents clothed in clerics' guise
Own souls too craven to realize
That genuine courage never dies;
That truth will never succumb to lies.
When ma
:iconneo128:Neo128 6 17
Chaos Theory :) by Neo128 Chaos Theory :) :iconneo128:Neo128 3 8


Flesh by Spane174 Flesh :iconspane174:Spane174 7 1 A Good Day by ArtsGalor23 A Good Day :iconartsgalor23:ArtsGalor23 29 2 Froppy - My Hero Academia by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Froppy - My Hero Academia :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 7,609 444 Crab by Malintra-Shadowmoon Crab :iconmalintra-shadowmoon:Malintra-Shadowmoon 8 15
Be me sen
Fake ass fuckaz be droppin like flies
wannabee attitude for fools and men
mentally illest challenger steps it up
life on the line long time in the wars
soldier of God but I still hit the floor
brutal with the truth I live by the quill
you be you
i'l be me sen
My mind is my only world
thoughtful person inside
growing in strength now
some folk follow the shepherd
I savaged all the sheep left
you be you
i'l be me sen
no blowing smoke up my arse
creeping insights bad reaction
laughter wins my heart over
we can smile hand in hand
you be you
i'l be me sen
:iconmentalverse:Mentalverse 4 8
New Rules of Love
Young women and men
If one you love gives you a maybe
Instead of steady love
Move on
You have your answer
Someone who does not know your worth
Should not become a cause
                       for you
To forget that you are worthy
Of love
Fill up, fill up
On what is present
On love freely given
You call this other thing love,
but it's not love
That calls you to wait on your knees
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 1 3
David Bowie by mcgrath800 David Bowie :iconmcgrath800:mcgrath800 14 9 The Whale Country by AntonKurbatov The Whale Country :iconantonkurbatov:AntonKurbatov 361 59 Murrrscles by ArthurStarks Murrrscles :iconarthurstarks:ArthurStarks 3 6
I'm Black.
I'm White.
I'm Mixed.
It's alright.
I'm Asian.
I'm German.
Not hatin'
Love ya, man.
I'm Les.
I'm Gay.
I'm Bi.
Not afraid.
I'm Straight.
Don't want kids.
I'm bipolar.
I'm Autistic.
Down syndrome?
You're still fantastic.
I'm a Mr.
I'm a Miss.
I'm a Brother.
I'm a Sis.
I'm single.
I'm married.
I'm widowed,
but I'm not scary.
I'm anxious.
I'm depressed.
I'm clingy.
I'm obsessed.
I'm artistic.
Musically inclined.
Athletically gifted.
Intellectual Mind.
I'm a girl.
I'm a boy.
I'm neither one.
Don't be annoyed.
I'm Poly.
I'm Trans.
I'm Bigen.
I'm Human.
:iconipku:Ipku 161 108
The Trollenberg Terror by kiff57krocker The Trollenberg Terror :iconkiff57krocker:kiff57krocker 23 37 Reptilian tongue of Miley Cyrus by YasminRenata Reptilian tongue of Miley Cyrus :iconyasminrenata:YasminRenata 7 29 'Flur de Vie' (c) by Psiloteric Visions by psilotericvisions 'Flur de Vie' (c) by Psiloteric Visions :iconpsilotericvisions:psilotericvisions 6 5
[WQ] Humans are strange
Mal was staring. It was odd, seeing Kari this invested in something, and especially in, well, pumpkins. Sure, they looked nice, and they made interesting toys for the weak-lifes. But Kari had been marking this pumpkin for almost half an hour. Mal was pretty sure that nobody would doubt her claim on the thing, but why she wanted to have it in the first place, and why she put so much care into letting other humans know that it was hers was beyond the dark grey female. She approached her human carefully – they got awfully mean when threatened, or when they thought a tokota would want to take something that was theirs. She inched closer from her vantage point some three tokota lengths away to snoop at the pumpkin. It was a bright orange, smelled pretty good, too. Of Leaffall, of clean, crisp air and now of Kari, too.
Her human was holding one of the strange, long white sticks they used to mark things because human claws are rubbish. It made long, black scritchy lines onto the orange
:iconweidenlied:Weidenlied 2 8
Team Cap by DesmondKing Team Cap :icondesmondking:DesmondKing 20 3


I can't critique this. I'm not qualified to critique it. This is more than great art... This is art that changes history and definition...

I'm not proficient enough with the technique behind your vision to comment intelligently on it, but the result is startling. I see the ...



J.R. Anderson
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I love art... both the process and the finished product :)



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