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The Inugami Fragment
"... Leave sleeping curs to their mongrel dreams;
Compliance is a must.
The consequences of disregard
Are best left undiscussed..."
"... Some have spurned the warning,
Claiming knowledge of the species.
If you meet them, please remember
Not to stare at their prostheses..."
"... Others chose to venture in,
Dismissing circumspection,
And were treated to the 'courtesy'
Of impromptu vivisection... "
"... The 'lucky' ones were 'lightly' scarred
(More credit to their scheming);
Their 'victory' only 'slightly' marred
By the nights they wake up screaming..."
:iconneo128:Neo128 0 1
Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula by Neo128 Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula :iconneo128:Neo128 8 4
Smoke Signals
Uh-oh—Here comes your ignorance
(Well—I did buy it the jet it flies in).
I see it swooping gracefully,
Just above the event horizon.
I see your ignorance sidling in,
Disguised as a conversation.
It’s a trick that’s never worked before,
But I admire its dedication.
It's elbow-crawling in now,
And it's thinking I can’t tell.
I will admit it’s changed its look,
But It never could hide that smell.
You keep inviting your ignorance,
Like an old friend come to dine—
And the only thing it ever does
Is open the door to mine.
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 4
The Onyx Monument
Suffer, ye demons, unto me
The fell heroes of antiquity,
Who made their famed and gloried names
In pits of black iniquity.
With scorn, I spurn your honors,
Your tributes, your gilded plaques.
I crave only the weight of a gore-streaked blade,
And the heft of blood-stained axe.
Red war is the god I was made for;
Black carnage, the beast, I revere.
With ascetic devotion, I've fashioned my name
To the thing people hate and fear.
The cacophonous din of battle
Is as a symphony unto mine ears.
The death screams of numberless enemies
Comfort me through the uncounted years.
I’ve lain waste to all manner of nations.
I have sundered the bloodlines of kings.
The grim reaper’s envy burns hot on my brow,
But I am unmoved by such things.
Your gleaming spires; your glittering halls,
I contemptuously disdain.
I'll hold fast to the field where havoc resides,
And steel and fire reign.
At the last, I'll decline all redemption,
And depart of this poor, mortal shell.
And descend to the flames
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 6
A Little Lower than the Angels...
I heard this exchange on an uptown bus,  
Which clearly displays (with shame),    
The more profound the changes claimed  
—The more things stay same.  
Two youths in their mid-adolescence,    
Were discussing affairs of the day  
When the gist of their conversation  
Took a casual turn this way:  
One turned, and said, to the other,  
"So, Trish rolled out the welcome mat.  
Gimme the rundown, my brother,  
Are you puttin' the wood to that?"  
"My wood ain't blessin' that ass," bro' said  
"That's a straight-up guarantee.  
The skeezer's hot to give it up,  
But she's way too black for me!"  
"I’m surprised to hear," his pal guffawed.  
"Such impolitic abuse.  
Don't you know the blacker the berry,  
The sweeter you'll find the juice?"    
“Ain't tryin' to hear it," bro'
:iconneo128:Neo128 3 9
Seven Short Steps to Ragnarok
My soul died screaming
Before my mind’s objective eye.
There’s a chance I might have saved it
Had I been inclined to try.
I was moved, as I recall,
To heave a fairly heavy sigh.
I had no tears to shed, though;
I’m just not that type of guy.
But something did replace it;
Sort of crept in, on the sly.
All I know, now, is never
Has my ambition soared so high.
I'll be selecting disciples, shortly.
No dilettantes need apply.
:iconneo128:Neo128 1 7
Monsters and Miracles
It's a new thing, you see?
It has a heart, and lungs.
I don’t know what it's saying;
It's speaking in tongues.
A strain of enlightenment;
So long overdue;
Brighter than daylight,
And fresher than dew.
In a halo of triumph
Its head we shall wreathe;
As the first of new visions
That have learned how to breathe.
On wobbly legs
It courageously rises
To greet the first dawn
Of the age of surprises.
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 10
Yes I Can! :)
I can be mighty, if I wanna.
My buddy told me so.
He said, "Play your cards right, champ,
And there's no place you can't go."
I can be happy, If I wanna.
My buddy said that, too.
He says, "Kiddo, use your noodle,
And there's nothin' you can't do."
I've great faith in my buddy,
And the subjects he addresses.
Who's my buddy? (Speaker rolls his eyes)
I'll give you zero guesses.
He says I'm good as anyone!
Everything he says is true!
So, while we're on the subject,
What's your buddy say to you? :)
:iconneo128:Neo128 2 3
The Look!
You’ve got the look! my brother.
You’d make Nino Brown turn white.
I bet you’d make Superman shit his pants
And wipe his ass with kryptonite!
You’ve got the look! my sister;
Like you’d spray a pup with mace.
Like you’d kick Santa in the nuts,
And punch Bambi in the face!
You’ve got the look! there, youngblood;
Like you wanna stomp a Smurf.
That’s what he’d get for being dumb enough
To wear blue skin on “Blood” turf.
The look! is all the rage these days;
Guess you’d rather fight than chat.
As for it getting you anywhere…
Well (snort), good luck with that.
:iconneo128:Neo128 2 7
First Citizen Works for Me
Frequently, folks I come across
Show resolute perseverance
In claiming to know the origin
Of my ethnic appearance.
Ersatz comrades, spying me,
Feel moved to loudly cry—
And declare me a native of everywhere!
From Guyana to Mumbai.
“Where do you hail from?” I've been asked.
“You look Panamanian, pal.”
“Yeah? Well, when you bitches—
Kickin’ the rent for my canal?”
“¡Primo! ¿Tu es Boricua?
It’s friendly to share these things."
"¿Boricua? ¡Vato! Don’t you know?
I founded the Latin Kings!"
One geezer wept. "I know your sort!
And It makes my old heart glad—
To see another friendly face
From sunny Trinidad."
These clever dicks don't bother me
—Not even for a minute;
Just confirms the theory it's my world
—And they’re just livin’ in it.
:iconneo128:Neo128 3 10
The Seeds of Conspiracy by Neo128 The Seeds of Conspiracy :iconneo128:Neo128 12 3 Bad Hair Day! by Neo128 Bad Hair Day! :iconneo128:Neo128 6 0 WW vs. FU by Neo128 WW vs. FU :iconneo128:Neo128 9 3 Wolverine in the House! by Neo128 Wolverine in the House! :iconneo128:Neo128 10 6
A Long Story Short
Driving to the beach
I try to think of something clever.
Getting there I see the old man,
Miserable as ever.
Omitting all preamble, I snarl,
“Awright, where’s he at?”
He pins me with the kind of glare
One saves for a mangy rat.
“He’s right there where he always is!
Standing on the jetty!
Screaming at the ocean,
And waving a machete!”
I hand him a hundred dollar bill—
For sullying his sphere,
As I drive away, I mutter,
“Guess I’ll try again, next year.”
:iconneo128:Neo128 0 5
Self-Indulgence :p by Neo128 Self-Indulgence :p :iconneo128:Neo128 0 0


The Gaudian by Stevehellblazer The Gaudian :iconstevehellblazer:Stevehellblazer 3 0 Mors Niger Luscus by Stevehellblazer Mors Niger Luscus :iconstevehellblazer:Stevehellblazer 3 2
Ancient New Comer...
My first poetry recital ever
forgive the nerves please
soon be confident flow
keeping people in know
ancient holy grail being
became light to save souls
ultra bright white - ultimate
keeping 'waywards' inside
Jesus! - it's one hell of a ride
got my brother and dog beside
we come in love and peace...
trinity will set you free
three lord's guarentee
else side against us
thou shall perish...
hell fire eternal torment
:iconmentalverse:Mentalverse 2 2
A Bright Sunny Day. by ArtsGalor23 A Bright Sunny Day. :iconartsgalor23:ArtsGalor23 19 3 Jupiter's power armor *Reference* by xXdark64roseXx Jupiter's power armor *Reference* :iconxxdark64rosexx:xXdark64roseXx 15 10
What Goes On Out There.....
In the glittering gaseous mists
Of great Jupiter, Lord of Planets,
Dwell elegant, sentient tendrils
Which writhe and intertwine
As they sail
In the endless Storm of The Eye...
Amidst the frozen wreaths
That girdle vast Saturn in the Outer
The Cats of Saturn prowl, crystalline
And deadly, their eyes a-glow
As they descend to hunt
On the Moon...
Neptune and Uranus seem to shiver
In their slow somber orbit;
Big as they are, they are afraid,
Dreading the cold dark revenge
That gathers on black Yuggoth,
Whom we foolish Earthlings call
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 10 17
The Girl Who Was Afraid To Be
She speaks to me fondly
of passions and talents,
of guitars and stars,
with such breathless intensity
then stops short and
for speaking at all.
All because somewhere in her life,
someone she loved broke her heart
by ignoring
her beautiful words
and telling her to
shut up,
keep it down,
nobody cares.
People aren’t born sad.
We make them that way.
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 1,786 270
Self III by RupturedDreams Self III :iconruptureddreams:RupturedDreams 3 2
See the Difference
Bad sacrifice:
When I give up trying to communicate
What I feel and need,
And bleed quietly with a smile
So you can live your teenage dream.
Good sacrifice:
When I hold myself accountable
For the words I say to those who ask me
How I am, those who go out of their way
To remind me I'm not alone.
Bad sacrifice:
When I offer my heart again and again
To someone I know will hurt it,
Someone who does not think s/he is responsible
For curbing the darker urges.
Good sacrifice:
When I am patient with someone in pain
Who though in pain does what they can
To gain clarity and speak openly
About limits, fears, and needs.
Bad sacrifice:
When I give my innocence to prove
I am sincere and trustworthy
To one who will believe what s/he wants to believe
Regardless of what I say or do.
Good sacrifice:
When I put down my childish dreams,
Though sweet, unmeet for the condition of loving,
And take up a life of mutual giving
Even if it means I compromise at times.
See the difference?
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 2 0
Freedom by ProxyModel Freedom :iconproxymodel:ProxyModel 2 4
It Will Come
I know this time kills like winter, but
Can't you feel this summer breeze?
It's beckoning is the refreshing of your skin, to seize
The flutters of hearts, the dawning of suns in smiles
Even if a future isn't felt, all the while.
Can't you feel this summer breeze?
The spreading of wings, the scrapes on your knees?
Gardens thriving in the pavement, or the coming of age?
The ocean in its calm or the storm in its rage?
Even when it snows, your book lies open in wait;
Let the breeze, this summer breeze, turn the page.
:icontrashchameleon:TrashChameleon 5 5
Wild fox by kirk12Lumiere Wild fox :iconkirk12lumiere:kirk12Lumiere 14 1
In the dough of desire
There were whole dollops of ego
Swirling and mixing and causing
Bubbles, begging for kneading.
My pleading soul's obsession,
Was always less altruistic
Than the high bar of my ideal.
So the other day I asked myself, no
Told myself,
After seeing you, why did I attribute
To your eyes a piercing quality?
Why did I choose to dramatize
The sense of failed connection?
Weren't your eyes warm, gentle mostly,
Didn't you watch for others' comfort
In the room,
Wasn't it you with the glass of champagne?
Sure I could have complained saying
Where were you on my day, when I held the glass?
I didn't do that.
   Some improvement on my part, then.
Still more room for improvement.
But what does a codependent need an 8-year lesson
in ego-less love for?
Because not all selflessness is egolessness:
Some forms of selflessness hinge precisely on those inflated pieces
Of an untrained, blinded I.
The narcissist knows this, takes the seemingly quietest of us,
Finds our woun
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 3 2
Which Path to Choose by JAStar4 Which Path to Choose :iconjastar4:JAStar4 40 12 Carnaag 081917Flyer by cypherallah777 Carnaag 081917Flyer :iconcypherallah777:cypherallah777 1 0 A Good Day by ArtsGalor23 A Good Day :iconartsgalor23:ArtsGalor23 40 2


I can't critique this. I'm not qualified to critique it. This is more than great art... This is art that changes history and definition...

I'm not proficient enough with the technique behind your vision to comment intelligently on it, but the result is startling. I see the ...


"... Leave sleeping curs to their mongrel dreams;
Compliance is a must.
The consequences of disregard
Are best left undiscussed..."

"... Some have spurned the warning,
Claiming knowledge of the species.
If you meet them, please remember
Not to stare at their prostheses..."

"... Others chose to venture in,
Dismissing circumspection,
And were treated to the 'courtesy'
Of impromptu vivisection... "

"... The 'lucky' ones were 'lightly' scarred
(More credit to their scheming);
Their 'victory' only 'slightly' marred
By the nights they wake up screaming..."

It ain't enough to be fast... You gotta be fast enough. :shrug:

Fan edited rough-cut of the intro for the 2011 Wonder Woman TV pilot (starring Adrian Palicki) that never made it to the screen... Preview audiences said she was too mean. :D
Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula
Preliminary Art... Needs copy and color correction... Just some nonsense off the top of my head... I've let my visual design skill slip disastrously. :o


J.R. Anderson
Artist | Varied
United States
I love art... both the process and the finished product :)



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